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British grown beauties

We may be a month behind in the seasonal calendar, but we're continuing to support our British growers. From July right through to September, we're celebrating British flowers by bringing you our best loved blooms - treat a loved one, or even yourself, to vibrant gladioli, cheery sunflowers and fragrant lilies amongst others


New for late summer

July brings the arrival of our late summer range, featuring fabulous bouquets in shades of blue, white and green, vibrant floral gift bags and plants for the home and garden.


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Coming up for August

We'll be continuing to support the best of British grown blooms, as well as showcasing all our vibrant flowers and plants, reminiscent of an Indian summer. Plus, get a sneak preview of our new Autumn range - keep an eye out for flowers, berries and foliage in burnished shades of ruby red, plum and gold.

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If you've previously bought one of our exclusive and limited volume Emma Bridgewater Jug arrangements, there is now a third to add to your collection. Generously filled with British grown sunflowers, delphiniums and gladioli, this 1.4 litre water jug is decorated with a vibrant sunflower pattern.

Introducing Chris Wood, our expert florist

Floral Designer Chris Wood has been active in Horticulture and Floristry for over 25 years, and has worked with Waitrose for nearly 15 years, designing floral concepts across our entire range.

We spoke to him to find out more about his love of floristry...

What do you enjoy most about being in floral design?
It's a very exciting career as it's a field where you can be really creative, best of all you are stylising all kinds of gorgeous things to make people feel happy. Other designers may work in clay or glass or paint, I get to play with flowers. You see the impact your floral designing has upon others, it not only makes them feel good, you feel great as well!

Do you have any favourite flowers?
That's such a difficult question as I love so many though my favourites change depending on the season and my moods. When spring arrives, I love Anemones and Rannunculus as they're so delicate and pretty. British Stocks and Sweet Peas in the summer as they're just so fleeting and the romantic scent is divine. But right now, I'm really loving Peonies as their fragrance is like sweet perfume.

What's your favourite flower colour?
My favourite colour of flowers is white - such a classic, white exudes serenity and sophistication. What's amazing is that white is not just a single tone, there is an entire spectrum of whites.

And how about your favourite flower style and where you take inspiration from?
I would say my style is very natural and heavily influenced by my passion for gardening, therefore I take my inspiration from nature. I try to incorporate all sorts of seasonal foliage and flowers which I just adore, especially adding scented foliage to a bouquet - the whole experience of scent from rosemary and eucalyptus gives the bouquet another dimension.

You're pretty up-to-date on floral trends, what's inspiring you right now?
As flowers follow fashion, the current trend still has that vintage look - random wild flower styles with mixes of colour and irregular flower shapes and sizes - which tends to go against traditional floristry principles.
Flower mixes that are currently on trend are bright mixes such as effervescent citrus orange roses with coral peonies, mixed with grey senecio from the garden. Providing a tangy burst, these work well for that more vibrant floral offer and displayed in a dusky blue container - WOW!

What are you working on next?
We're designing the ranges for Summer 2014 already as we need to plan a year ahead so we can book our flowers with our growers visiting them soon to select the varieties and discuss what new and exciting flowers are coming up.€™

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