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Hahn Pinot Noir


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Award - IWSC medal: Bronze (2012 Vintage)
Vintage: 2012
Region: California , United States of America
Colour: Red
Style: Medium Bodied
Bottle Size: 75cl
Closure Type: Cork
This is a rich and vibrant Californian red whose purity of Pinot Noir flavours are given complexity by a light touch of toasty oak, supported by earthy tannins and classic cool climate acidity from the green, verdant vineyards of Monterey County. It is soft and supple with ripe blueberry and raspberry fruit flavours and makes an ideal foil for top quality sausages, gammon or duck.

Monterey is cooler than most other Californian wine growing regions, due to the moderating influence of the refreshing Pacific breezes, allowing winemakers to craft elegant, fresher red wines.
California is the most important winemaking region in the USA accounting for about 90% of the country’s overall wine production. The region is renowned for its hot and sunny climate, but in most locations it would ordinarily be too hot to grow grapes. Fortunately, cooler air is sucked inland from the Pacific Ocean and creates a series of microclimates perfect for the vines.

The best wine-growing areas are just north of San Francisco, including Napa Valley, Carneros, Sonoma Valley and Mendocino.

Despite having a vinous history that dates back to the 1700s, it wasn’t until the 1970s that California developed its own identity as a winemaking region, and one that could compete with France. Today, California is the fourth largest wine producers in the world, with the UK as its number one export market.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay are all grown with aplomb, with the hot temperatures and sunny days ensuring ripe grapes and fruity wines. Plantings of Pinot Noir are increasing, and other reds such as Cabernet Franc and Shiraz are gaining in popularity. California is home to Zinfandel. It's a close relative of Italy's Primitivo and produces a full-bodied red with blackcurrant flavours and hints of pepper and spices.

Californian wine is a eclectic as the fusion food associated with the state so enjoy them with chicken wings, ribs, Mexican cuisine and Asian dishes.